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About us

Who is behind COSMAGIQ B.V.?

Would you like to know more about the background of our team? Then you’ve come to the right page!

COSMAGIQ started as a club of friends who think looks are very important. This club is still very close-knit and has now been expanded with ambitious, entrepreneurial people, including many women. 

COSMAGIQ is proud of its company and will gladly help you. It is our aim that you recognise our employees in the following description: progressive, team player, friendly and wanting to be of service to you, our customer. 

COSMAGIQ is expanding enormously. Every day, hundreds of new customers are finding us. Our staff live our company culture in which we listen to you, our customer. That you are satisfied, remains a priority to us! 

Get to know our extraordinary company culture 

Be ‘simply amazed’ 

Two words that actually contradict each other. Being amazed is nothing simple. Being amazed is something special. So be amazed by our individualism and our common sense. At COSMAGIQ, we are open and honest. We want things for you, as a customer, to be as easy and fun as possible. You can always ask us any question. Any, and really any question. So please email or call us when you have a question or a problem.

If we want to amaze you, our customer, we really want to surpass your expectations. We want to do something that a colleague would not do. To innovate and go the extra mile for you. To have a ‘click’ with you. A ‘click’ with you, with our colleagues here at work, with our suppliers. That makes working here not only fun, it also radiates our passion. We want all our customers and suppliers to talk about us, to recommend us as a company. To friends and girlfriends, on social media, in the pub… We want our name to buzz around like a bee ;-) 


And you know, we think it is pretty normal that we want to amaze you. Here’s an example: you order before 23.30h today and we will send you a text from us when your shipment leaves the building. We then look forward to your smile when the postman pushes your order through the letterbox the next day and you can start applying your luxury face cream! 

COSMAGIQ is one of the few companies where so many colleagues are also friends

That is our strength. Because you want the best for your friends. Because together you know more than on your own. Because you tell the truth to friends. Our best ideas are conceived outside our working hours. Just because it’s fun.

And after a while that gets noticed. By you, our customers, because we do everything to make, and also keep, you happy. By our suppliers, because we consider them our long-term partners. COSMAGIQ gives and doesn’t immediately expect something back. We are honest and direct, even though sometimes that’s difficult. We do what we promise, we listen to you and we are open to feedback. 

Friendship thrives on equality. That is why no one wears a suit and the director is working amongst other employees. And that is why you, as a customer, seem to like us. We don't like hierarchical layers and parochialism, but we do like respect. 

Can you feel the difference between 'How can I be of service to you?' and 'What can I do for you?’?

Stop dawdling, just get on with it. Deeds, not words. Don’t linger, go ahead! 

Just do it. Not later. Now and immediately. Get it done! 

At COSMAGIQ B.V. you can order your high-quality cosmetics products online. If you place your order before 23.30h... it will be delivered the next day.