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14 day trial period:

The 14 day trial period only applies if the packaging is unopened. If you have opened the package, hygiene legislation prevents us from accepting a returned package and we are legally obliged to destroy the product. If you have opened the package, the sale has automatically become final. Please refer to our terms and conditions. We do not accept returned opened packages.


Experiences from users

This website publishes reviews from users who have successfully used our products and/or are enthusiastic about our products. We do not claim that every user achieves the same results. Each review reflects a purely personal experience. We have also not checked whether or not the user has been honest in his/her review. Your results and experiences may vary from those of previous users of the product. The degree of weight loss and the final results vary per individual. Under EU Privacy legislation, all names used are fictitious. 


The success of our products is not only dependent on personal circumstances, but also on the correct application of the product, and the diet and habits of the individual user. No rights with regard to the operation of our products can be derived from any of our advertisements. COSMAGIQ does not sell miracle products. No scientific research has been carried out into the effectiveness of our products. The products of COSMAGIQ complement existing products. COSMAGIQ cannot guarantee that a product will actually have the desired effect. Results vary per individual. 


When you check the box for the general terms and conditions you agree that:

1: You cannot return opened packages, only unopened packages.

2: You realise that results achieved by others do not guarantee that the product will achieve the same result with you.

3: You realise that this product can help you to reach your goal, but that you are not buying a ‘miracle product’.

The general terms and conditions, and this disclaimer of COSMAGIQ B.V. have been submitted with the Court in Overijssel, The Netherlands.