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Privacy policy

If you order with us, you want your data to be safe. You don't want someone secretly watching what you are ordering. Or worse: getting hold of your personal data. And of course you don't want that. We wouldn’t want that. That’s why we have completely sealed the order system. So that your personal data, remain your personal data. Exactly according to privacy legislation.


That is why COSMAGIQ B.V. stores your personal data in top of the range secured databases. And that’s where they stay as well. We never pass your data on to third parties and only use them to ensure that your order arrives at the right address, and that we can easily answer your questions if you have any. 


What do we want to know?


- First name and surname

We find the “Dear Mr/Mrs soandso" far too boring. So it will make us happy if you give us your first name. 

Please note: once you have placed an order, it is not possible to amend the name on the invoice afterwards. Just so you know...


- Address and town

Our delivery personnel want you to deliver your order as quickly as possible. With the correct address, they don’t have to waste time looking for you! 


- Telephone number    

We like to give you a call if something is unclear about your order. We will also send you a text when your shipment leaves the building. Sometimes we call you, just to make sure everything is OK. That saves us from having a sleepless night.


- Payment details        

To be able to pay for your order you use a very secure payment environment. When you pay with iDeal or with a bank transfer, your details are stored in our records so that we can link the payment to your order. Otherwise, we will only use your bank account number when we need to credit you. And not for anything else. 


Are you paying with a credit card? In that case, we send your credit card information directly from our top of the range secured payment environment to Ogone. Ogone arranges all the credit card payments. We never even get to see your credit card details. Ogone merely tells us whether or not your payment was successful.


- IP address        

In the shop we recognise you by your beautiful eyes. On the internet we look at your IP address. We remember your preferences and give you suitable advice. By storing your IP address, we can also immediately check if your account is hacked. 


- Email address 

You will receive a confirmation of the order, your invoice and information about the products you are buying from us by email. Very interesting offers, specially selected for you, and our newsletter will also be sent by email. But, of course, only if you have given us permission and it makes you happy. Would you rather not receive news and offers? Unsubscribing is a piece of cake: via our customer service or the link at the bottom of the newsletter.


We also use your data for the following:


- Customer service          

You can give us a call, send us an email, tweet us, message us and chat with us. To make sure that you don’t have to tell us everything twice, we store all this information. And to make our service a little bit better every day, we analyse things each time we are in contact. It teaches us a lot. But if we record a telephone call for training purposes, we will let you know in advance. 


- Newsletters         

You can sign up for various newsletters. 



Have you heard those stories about lottery winners who never show up and can’t be traced? That the price waiting for them can never be handed over? That’s why you will, of course, give us your name and email address when you take part in a promotion! You don't have to keep an eye on anything as you will hear from us when and what you've won. We also use your data to analyse our promotions. That way they will become even more fun.


Customised advice            

You read it: we like making you happy. To do that we would like to get to know you. If you visit our shop, like us on Facebook or order something with us, we will remember what you need. We do the research and help you, for example, with attractive offers by email. We also use your information to improve our sites. And to show you useful ads on social media.


- Fraud prevention      

We like to trust everything and everyone. But that is a little stupid. Sometimes we need to use customer data to investigate, prevent and fight fraud. And if you're really acting suspicious, we are obliged to pass on your data to government agencies. So please don’t do that, we would like to stay friends.